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 Computer Science  

Despite its importance, Science – in particular Physics holds little attraction for the vast majority of boys and girls in the U.K and the trend for Physics continues to show a decline in the number of young people taking up this subject as part of their career.

However, at St. John’s we are aware that perception is part of the problem and solution to Physics’ declining popularity.

Here we try to  show pupils why Physics is not only important – but also truly exciting

The most basic of the sciences, physics, is all around us every day. If you have ever wondered what makes lightning, why a boomerang returns, how ice skaters can spin so fast, how a basket ball player can “fly,” why waves crash on the beach, how that tiny computer can do complicated problems, or how long it takes light from a star to reach us, you have been thinking about some of the same things physicists study every day.

Physicists like to ask questions. They try to find answers for almost everything from when the universe began to why carbonated drinks fizz.

If you’ve had a back-row seat at a rock concert, and could still hear, you experienced physics at work! Physicists studying sound contribute to the design of concert halls and the amplification equipment. Knowing more about how things move and interact can be used to manage the flow of traffic and help cities avoid grid lock.

If pupils realise that answering these questions is, in fact, a study of Physics, then the motivation to “go for it” will be so much the stronger.

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